How many times a day do you take a minute to stop and appreciate your surroundings?  Are you so busy that you forget to really see what's around you?

Taking the time to notice the beautiful blue sky or a stunning sunset is something Delilah encourages you to do.  Here's more from her  on opening your eyes:
I have to remind myself to take notice and appreciate the little things. I’m writing this newsletter as much for me as for you (which is the case for most letters I write). Sometimes my world gets so busy I don’t stop to recognize one beautiful or interesting thing about the day. It’s like I wake up on auto pilot until I go to bed that night. So, open your eyes and I will too. We have the rest of the day to notice that new rose budding, ducks landing in the pond, or that a certain tree in our yard is the perfect place to rest in the shade. Just a thought.

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