Tough times, while challenging, are also an opportunity to rebuild yourself better.  Hitting rock bottom can show you how strong you really are.  Delilah has been there.  Have you?

Challenges, setbacks, disappointments.  Never fun but when they happen, you can experience growth and come out stronger and better for it.  Delilah has more to say on this topic:

I had a good friend pass away from cancer last year. Prior to his diagnosis, he was in a bad car accident. And before that he was just kind of lost, making bad decisions in his life. But when he awoke in the hospital after the car accident, he told me he would spend the next year of his life getting physically, mentally and spiritually strong.

Although he didn’t conquer his battle with cancer, I have never seen someone rebound in life in so many other ways. He became a spiritual giant and an emotional rock. He mended relationships that needed mending for years. He became the best person he could be. And then he flew home to heaven.

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