Is there someone in your life you argue with quite a bit?  Could be a spouse, a parent or a friend.  Delilah offers some relationship rescue advice on how to be stubborn no more and improve your relationship.


Through her career talking to people about their relationship problems, Delilah has noticed a common theme.  Trouble ensues when one person always has to be right, no matter what.  When that changes, things get better.

It's hard to be on the wrong end of an argument, believe me I know! Even after you’ve realized you’re wrong, it’s tough to back down and say, “Okay, I see your point, you’re right.” Choking down your pride is not an easy thing to do. But there is a saying I heard many years ago that has stayed with me to this day and I like to remind couples and friends that…it is better to effective than to be right.


Let that sink in for a moment. If what you truly desire in your life is joy and happiness and strong relationships, being right all the time doesn’t make any of those things work. Being effective in coming to a resolution does. And you’re going to be more effective as a reasonable, loving person than someone who just wants to be right no matter the consequence. Life is far too short to have a need to be right all the time and sacrifice love, friendships and family relationships because of it.


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Delilah Daily-Delilah's Homegrown Gooseberries

Delilah has been busy this summer. Not just with her radio show and family but with her farm too. She's been busy picking goosberries.Delilah grew up eating goosberries. She has eight bushes of them in her garden. How did they turn out this year? See for yourself. They look yummy!