Thinking before speaking.  Saying something you later regret and wish you could take back.  Sound familiar?   Delilah shares her thoughts on using your words wisely.


Words are powerful and hurtful ones can leave their mark long after they've been said.  Thinking before speaking is something even Delilah admits she sometimes fails to do.  Some thoughts from her on using your words wisely:

Can you recall a time when you were hurt by someone’s words? Maybe you’ve forgiven them by now, yet you can still recall the feeling of pain it caused you. Words can be forgiven but they can also be scarring, so be careful how you use that tongue of yours. What you say may not so quickly be forgotten, even if it’s forgiven.


Use your words to build people up, build confidence in people. Use your words to heal someone’s heart. Use your words to show love and encouragement. Instead of criticism, give constructive feedback. Sometimes it’s just how you present the information to someone that makes all the difference.

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