Even though it's been more than a year has passed since Delilah's son Sammy passed, this tribute from Delilah to her son Sammy is worth reading.  How many more Sammys are out there, lonely and forgotten, just waiting to be loved? 


I had adopted Sammy from an orphanage in Ghana, West Africa two years ago, and he instantly became a part of our extended family and a huge part of our hearts. Sammy was born in Ghana, and raised in an orphanage in the capitol city of Accra. He lived his entire life with a blood disease, sickle cell anemia, a genetic blood disorder that afflicts many in West Africa.

Sammy spent most of his life in Osu Children's home. He did not ever have a visitor or a relative come to see him. He never received a Christmas present, never had a birthday celebration. He never had his own room, he never learned how to read or write. But he did have the talent to draw, so he would sit for hours and draw pictures for the other children living in the home.

In 2010 while working in Ghana I met Sammy. I knew in my heart that Sammy was special, talented, lonely and that I loved him. I just didn't have a clue how special he really was at that time or how much more I would grow to love him.

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