Insiders say Demi Moore is  obsessed with being thin and staying young. Her diet looks a little weird even by Hollywood standards. However, my respect for Demi went up a little due to we both share similar diets.

According to sources, her daily diet has been:

"Red Bull for breakfast. Red Bull for lunch. Red Bull for dinner, with a lettuce leaf and a tablespoon yes a tablespoon of tuna fish thrown in... That's it."

Now I’m not really a fan of the lettuce, but the Red Bull is always a good choice.

"Demi got so she'd almost talk about nothing else than finding ways to keep young and pretty... For a long time, it was clear she was doing it all to keep Ashton interested. Then, when she found out about his cheating, her world really spiraled out of control."

Do you think Demi is acting a little crazy to try and stay forever young?