Minnesota is famous for very cold winters and this one is no exception.  Despite the current bitter cold, a Minnesota Boy Scout is trying to sleep outside for an entire year.The Midwest and the Northeast have been experiencing a freezing cold this week, the kind of cold where you can't wait to get inside.  So imagine sleeping outside in this bitterly cold weather?  Gives me shivers just thinking about it.

17 year old Rudy Hummel, a Boy Scout in Hermantown, Minnesota has been sleeping outside in this awful cold.  Two nights ago it was 7 inside his snow shelter and 23 below outside.   Hummel started sleeping outside in June and by August he decided it was too easy and was going to try for an entire year of outdoor sleeping.

Typically in the cold weather he wears layers of clothes, two socks and sleeps in his snow shelter under blankets and quilts.  When he started in June, he was sleeping in a tree but when winter hit, he made the smart decision to abandon the tree and make a snow shelter instead.

Hummel's interest in sleeping outside goes back to his early years.  When he was 4, he tried spending his first night outside but wasn't successful until he turned 5.

Hang in there Rudy, you're halfway to June!  I'll be thinking of you as I crank the heat up inside.

(source: usa today)