It appears that, in fact, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter's name has been revealed. It is... (I can't believe this) NORTH WEST! Actually, this revelation didn't come from them, someone got it off her birth certificate. If your hoping it's a fraud, you're not alone. Actually, Kim laughed at the idea of naming the baby "North West" when it was rumored earlier this year.

According to Popcrush: The new baby girl, who arrived five weeks early on Saturday, June 15 in Cedars-Sinai hospital in West Hollywood, Calif., looks like Kanye and Kim. And yes, the birth certificate there does have the name of their daughter as North West.

We wonder how the rest of her "K"-lovin' family felt about breaking tradition. If you're a fan you know that all of the Kardashian girls have first names starting with "K". Well, all we can do is hope little North West grows to have a good sense of direction.

By the way, in March, when we thought "North West" was just a stupid idea the Internet made up, Kim went on "The Tonight Show" and scoffed at the name. Watch the whole interview or cue in to 2:40 for the discussion about the weird name.