Even though I grew up in Central New York my whole life, driving in downtown Utica is always a challenge for me. With all the “No Left Turns”, and also with not knowing what roads lead to what, it can be pretty confusing. One big challenge lately for many it seems has been Wager Street.

WIBX is reporting that the Utica Police Department have received complaints that drivers frequently travel the wrong way on Wager Street, near Sunset Avenue. It seems to keep happening at the same location, the 800 block. This portion of Wager Street is one-way for westbound traffic only. People have been seen leaving businesses on this block and going the wrong way towards Sunset Avenue, to access the North-South Arterial. Next time you’re on this portion of Wager Street, please be careful.

Just a friendly reminder, Utica Police will be monitoring this area for traffic enforcement, and to remind drivers the proper way to handle this block.

[via WIBX]