Dining out at an authentic Mexican restaurants is one of my favorite things to do when we go out. Not only do I love the food, but I get to practice and fail at using some of my middle school Spanish. Along those lines, I thought you might wonder what the English translation would be of some of the Mexican restaurants in our area.

El Canelo

The name of this chain, with locations locally in Oneida and Syracuse and formerly in South Utica,  means cinnamon. Either the cinnamon tree or the brown color of cinnamon.

Pedro's Kitchen

Well this restaurant, which recently recloated to New Hartford from Vernon, is already in English, so I'll give you the Spanish translation: La Cocina de Pedro.

La Cocina

You'll know the translation for this restaurant in Chittenango this if you read the line above about Pedro's Kitchen, cocina means kitchen.

El Chico

This bar over by the Amtrak station in Rome doesn't serve authentic Mexican food despite the name, which means The Boy, by the way.