October 26, 2012

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On October 26th we are hosting the first ever 'Haunted Rails Ghost Train' on the Adirondack Railroad based on the CNY Paranormal series. Take a ride on the train with TV Ghost Hunting personalities from the Biography Channel, Paranormal Valley TV and PBS as they tell stories of encounters with the paranormal and recount the history that could have created the ghosts.

Then disembark the train in Remsen to explore three historic haunted sites with the hosts for your chance to capture ghostly evidence first-hand.  Note - all beverages on train will be available for purchase.

After exploring the sites join the hosts with a party,* a presentation of findings and a book signing with your chance to meet the hosts personally and hear some of their latest adventures.

*Party will have offer some of the Soda Fountain Favorites.

*Cash bar of Wine and Beer will be available at Arts Center

Tickets are Limited.

Purchase Tickets through Ticketfly HERE

or Tickets Also Available at Townsquare Media Station at 9418 River Road Marcy 13403

Sites include:

Remsen Stone Meeting House


Phil Nye/TSM

Capel Cerrig (Stone Church) was built in 1831, and is located in downtown Remsen. The church was built out of stone, and has remained unchanged since it was built, with the exception of a new slate roof in 1888.

The Stone Meeting House, as it is now named, has often been thought to be haunted. Reports of strange lights, and feeling watched have been reported by many. Investigations of the building have revealed that those reports most likely are accurate. Photographs have been taken of the building that show a shadowy figure of a man in a top hat. Audio recordings made on the site indicate that there are at least two spirits present, a chatty female spirit and a sarcastic male spirit. [Read More...]

Train Depot

flickr Creative Commons/Russ Nelson

Remsen Depot, originally a union station for the Utica & Black River and the New York Central Railroad was constructed in the late 19th century serving for many years before it was torn down in 1964 and subsequently re-built in 1999.

The Depot has had many late-night ghostly accounts at the stations and tracks. Reports of feeling watched in the station, the ghostly figures walking the grounds or a vanishing conductor that greets would-be passengers as they enter the station. [Read More...]


Remsen Art Center



The Remsen Art Center was originally a Baptist Church dedicated in 1893 and served for many years before being decommissioned and re-purposed multiple times over the subsequent years.

Many report of organ music, phantom noises and fleeting shadow figures while in the building at night.

Cocktail Party and Presentation by Hosts at Art Center




Terri Garofalo

– artist, cartoonist, Co-founder of the paranormal team IndyPara, Terri investigates and cartoons the paranormal through her comic strip Entities-R-Us  that appears in Paranormal Underground Magazine, as well as many other publications and websites devoted to the paranormal.

Terri has appeared on Big Guy Media’s Paranormal Valley episodes as well as Biography Channel’s My Ghost Story.

Her first book, Entities-R-Us, Ghost Hunter Comic – Paranormal Humor for the Ghost Hunters Soul was released in the spring of 2010.


 Shadow Chasers


The Shadow Chasers have been investigating the paranormal for the last 10 years and have been featured multiple times in the media, most prominently in Cheri Farnsworth's Haunted Northern New York series, as well as in a series of documentaries produced by PBS Television. 

The team were the PBS TV Ghost Hunters for 3 years before partnering with Lite 98.7 WLZW.

Founder PW Creighton is Author of the new supernatural thriller series Nightfall released in the spring of 2012.

Co-Founder Katya Von Heuser is the author of Chasing Shadows: New York Ghosts released Sept 2012.


-5:30-6PM – Discuss Union Station, History, Hauntings

-6:30 Depart Union Station

-7:30PM Arrival in Remsen

-7:30- 1030PM - Passengers divided into smaller groups to go to each location with hosts, after set time groups switch locations: Remsen Art Center, Remsen Depot, Stone Meeting House

-11PM  Arrive at Union Station (Approximate Times)

[Tour not ideal for individuals with mobility issues. Minimum of 15-20min walking between locations.]