Tommy Jordan is either the dad of the year or the scariest dad around. His 15 year old daughter published a scathing post on Facebook about her parents one day when she was ticked off and blocked them from reading it. Well, her dad just happens to be an I.T. guy for a living and found a way to read it and because she publicly called them out, he publicly did the same to her, by SHOOTING her laptop. The image of a gun in someone's hand is much more attention getting these days on account of how polarized this nation is right now on gun control but is anything to do with a gun effective or bad parenting? I think the punishment totally fit the crime and yes he could've done it with a baseball bat or running over her laptop with the car or just plain taking it away and nobody would've said anything. Would that have been just as effective? Probably, but nearly nearly as dramatic! What do you think?



Following the 35 MILLION views on this video, the media giants took notice and included them in their piece on 'Xtreme Parenting'. Dr. Phil even chimed in and Tommy responds in a very Southern polite yet matter-of-fact manner. Check out the segment and Tommy's thoughts below: