In a world of Social Media many companies have taken full advantage of using it as a tool to get the word out. The official Utica Police Department “Facebook” page helps spread the word on who got arrested, and also shows mug shots. Sometimes you'll see these mugshots and think: "Where did these people get their styles from?". The answer is clear, celebrities. Here's the Famous Hair Styles Of The Utica Police Facebook Wall, our 2/19 edition. 


The Morgan Freeman

Utica Police Department/Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Everyone says that Morgan Freeman has a voice of angels, I never knew people tried matching his looks. Ronald Hill of New Jersey is pretty close though right?

The 2002 Celine Dion 

Utica Police Department/Fernando Camino/Getty Images

Let's be honest, Celine Dion was cool when Titanic came out. That's why Ashley of Utica was trying to match the hair. She had it down really well I think.

 The Collin Farrell

Utica Police Department/Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

This one may be a stretch, do you see Collin Farrell? I do. Mitchel of Richfield Springs gave it his try, I think it was hard to do though.

The Matthew Perry

Utica Police Department/Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Everyone in the 90's wanted the "Rachel" haircut. I was more of a fan of the Matthew Perry, and so was Robert it seems.