Aim for the cheerio, go pee-pee in a tee-pee and do ya wanna pee on a tree? These are some of the things I used to potty train my son Dylan. I'm glad I didn't do the tree stunt in front of a cop. Did you hear about the mom, Ashley Warden, who let her 3-year-old son Dillan go potty outside when he really really had to go and no toilet was near? Well, a police officer witnessed the incident and issued a citation.

“Dillan pulled down his pants to pee outside … the cop pulled up and asked for my license and told me he was going to give me a ticket for public urination,” said Warden in disbelief.

The family tried and tried to catch a break from the police officer, but he wouldn’t budge.

“I said really, he is 3 years old, and he said it doesn’t matter,” said the boy’s grandmother. “[He said] It is public urination. I said we are on our property and he said it’s in public view.”

So, the family plans to fight the ticket in court. and I wonder what the judge will do.

What do you think? Was the cop right in issuing the ticket?