Earlier this year, we found out that new stores would be coming to Sangertown Square after a partnership was announced between Sangertown's parent company, Pyramid Group and Retail Group of America.  Now we know about four new stores that will have branches at Sangertown Square in New Hartford.

Each of the stores are well known European brands and the outlets at Sangertown will be some of the first stores to open in the United States.  Here's what's slated to open later this year:


Based in London, Accessorize is aptly named - it sells fashion accessories.  Kate Upton is a model for Accessorize.


Jennyfer is a Paris based boutique store selling young women's clothing.  There are hundreds of locations in France and across Europe.


When you think cute kids clothing store - I'll bet you don't think about Portugal.  That's the home base for Zippy. Here's a back to school commercial in Portuguese.

Sergent Major

Another French import, Sergent Major is also another kids clothing store.

What do you think of this line-up of new stores?  Are you anxious to shop them at Sangertown?