Using a debit card is so easy.  Forget having to get cash at the ATM.  Just use your debit card, right?  Sometimes that's not the best idea.  There are four places you should avoid using your debit card.  Know where they are?

Are you careful about where you use your debit card?  I thought I was being careful until I read this list.  I've used my debit card at restaurants and outside ATMs but after reading the risks, I'm rethinking doing that again.

According to, using a debit card at these four places is risky, so why take the chance?

1.  The gas station.  It's easy for your debit card info to be skimmed at gas stations by thieves targeting gas pump payment machines.  Better idea?  Pay with cash or a credit card.

2.  Restaurants. When it's time to pay the bill, the server walks away with your debit card.  That's when it can get dangerous.  Experts say it's best to skip the debit card in favor of cash or credit.

3.  Skimming ATMs.  Just like gas station payment machines, outside ATMs are a target for thieves trying to skim your info.  Instead of using an outside ATM, use one inside that's well lit and is in a high traffic area.

4.  Online.  Shopping online is a breeze but it's also very risky with a debit card.  Avoid the risk and use a credit card instead.

How often do you use your debit card in place of cash?