Upstate New York's hometown hero is getting closer to the prize on NBC's hit show "The Voice."

Sawyer Fredericks' stand out performance of Lynard Skynard's "Simple Man" propelled him into the finals on "The Voice."  Fans voted, so Sawyer and his trademark long locks will be performing with five others this Monday night at 8 on NBC.

His cover of the song made it all the way to No. 2 on Tuesday's iTunes top 100 songs. Although he is excited to move on, Sawyer says he will miss his friends that are heading home. He says each elimination show is bittersweet.

Sawyer lives on a farm in Fultonville, NY, so working hard, and putting long hours aren't a foreign concept to him. He's obviously been putting in overtime on perfecting his voice too. In fact, he's been known to sing until the cows come home:

If you’re visiting Windrake Farm in Fultonville, NY, and you’re looking for Sawyer Fredericks, it’s best to be very quiet and listen. You should be able to hear him singing, whether he’s bringing hay to the cows, collecting eggs, riding his quad, or playing Elder Scrolls Online. If his hands are free, he’s probably also strumming his guitar.

Here's Sawyer's performance of Simple Man!