Have you ever sat there and daydreamed about a dream job? Maybe you wanted to be an astronaut, or maybe a movie star. Sometimes these “dream jobs” aren’t as good as our fantasies.

Here's a rundown from AOL of some dream jobs that really are not as glamorous as they seem:

1) Travel Writer- You get to travel to beautiful locations and eat awesome meals, all expenses paid (sometimes), what’s the downside? You're always on the road, and even the best writers don't get paid very much.

2) Celebrity Assistant- You get behind-the-scenes access to the world of Hollywood, has to be a great job right? Wrong. You go backstage at a cost. You work 75 to 100 hours per week doing mostly boring, administrative work.

3) Private Investigator- You work very long hours and not every hour is paid.

4) Bed and Breakfast Owner- While many people think being an innkeeper is about entertaining guests and having fun, the truth is a lot of time is spent cleaning and doing laundry.

What dream job did you wish you had growing up?