First identified in the 1990s, the paranormal phenomenon of 'black-eyed children' has become a hot topic in paranormal circles recently.  They tend to appear either at one's door or an encounter in a store or other public venue.  The people, often children, ask for assistance. They often stare unnervingly and turn beligerant if their requests for assistance are turned down. One report of these odd beings even comes from Upstate New York.

The incident, related to the Paranormal forum, comes from a man who claims he ran into a black-eyed person at a 'diner in upstate New York.'  The terrifing first encounter:

So, I got up and knocked on the door in the back of the coffee shop where she went in. At this time, there were only two dim lights in the main eating area, and barely any lights in the back room where she was. I opened the door. This woman who I just finished talking to was standing facing me, JUST STANDING THERE in the back of this dark room when I opened the door. Her skin was suddenly a clammy, cracked olive color, and her eyes were just BLACK. I mean, no white at all. Her eyes and mouth was open really wide, and she was screaming in the most spine-chilling sounds, something I couldn't understand, but it definitely wasn't sounds of goodwill.

Have you ever encountered anything like this?

The Black Eyed Children or Black Eyed Kids phenomena was also profiled on the Destination America TV series Monsters and Mysteries in America on the "Badlands" episode.  The episode focused on a case in Texas and reported that as the story spread, more witnesses claimed to have encountered them.