Have you heard about the mysterious 'Woman in Black?' She's taking the social media world by storm. Her name is Elizabeth Poles from Motts, Alabama and she's been seen walking in Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia on a rumored 'Bible Mission.'


Raymond Poles, The Woman in Black's brother tells Reuters, she's a U.S. Army veteran, mother of two children and a widow.
People are not only following her journey, they're trying to help, by giving money or food. The Woman in Black won't take much and isn't saying much either. She just keeps walking.


Respect Her Privacy

Virgina police are asking the public to respect the 'Woman in Black's' privacy. For her safety and the safety of others, officers took her to an undisclosed location and provided her with food and shelter after she was surrounded by people trying to get a look. Police say she plans to stay in the area and wants to be left laone.


Woman in Black Travel Map


People are following the #WomanInBlack on social media and a Facebook page has even been created.

Whatever she's searching for, I hope she finds it along her journey.

Woman in Black's Journey