You're off from work for a couple of days right? Enjoy yourself! With the explosions in the sky the 4th of July, why not make a cocktail that is an explosion in your mouth?

WARNING: This video is great until the 2:26 mark when the hosts start acting like jerks. I'd fade it out there as it may NOT BE SUITABLE FOR WORK or for children.

The 4th of July is the one day of the year where we expect things to pop, so why not a burst of excitement from your adult beverage? The pop rocks martini is really easy to make. First you rim a martini glass with pop rock candy and then add delicious booze. As you sip this delicious beverage the pop rock candies burst in your mouth! You'll feel like a kid again with a 4th of July fireworks party in your mouth. Why not give this cocktail a try and have some fun!