When I was in East Utica making a visit to the Neighborhood Center, a recent Workplace of the Week winner, I was intrigued by a name on one of their buildings, 'Italian Settlement W.H.M.S.' After a little Googling around, I found out the fascinating story of this building's history.

This building, which is now part of the Neighborhood Center's childcare center on Mary Street was once known as the Italian Settlement House, which was built by the Home Mission Society, a Baptist missionary group founded in the 1830s in New York City. A branch of that group was the Women's Home Missionary Society, the WHMS carved on the building's facade. The building in Utica was completed in 1912 to serve the large Italian immigrant community in East Utica.

Historic Italian Settlement House

Check out this great old post card from CardCow.com featuring Utica's Italian Settlement House.