Jenna Hinman, who is fighting to survive a rare pregnancy cancer, is stable after suffering a setback, but she's not out of the woods yet. An update on 'Prayers for Jenna' Facebook page says, Jenna was rushed into the emergency room after internal bleeding.

Danger in Jenna's treatment is bleeding due to her being on blood thinners during chemotherapy. Jenna was rushed into emergency surgery and proved once again that her will to live is way greater then any obstacle that comes her way.

Doctors continue to clear Jenna's lungs, in hopes they'll work on their own.

The family thanks everyone who prayed for Jenna, lighting a candle. Pictures of burning candles were even shared on Jenna's Facebook page. Family and friends ask, you continue to pray for Jenna as you watch your candle burn.

Susanne McDonnell