A friendly reminder that there are just 334 more shopping days left!

From Yahoo!, here are some of the things we didn't get for Christmas, but really wanted:

*Chocolates- not a bag of peanut butter cups or m&m's! And don't be cheap and get one of those huge boxes of assorted chocolates that are full of odd jelly filled pieces. You can find yummy, quality chocolates at department stores, online stores, specialty chocolate shops, even grocery stores. Something as simple as Hershey's Pot of Gold Truffles or a Whitman's Sampler provide the yummy goodness we crave.

*A Gift Certificate for a Pedicure- If you're not going to rub our feet- or worse tease us by saying you will and then doing a cheesy pat-pat and then you're done- then you better pay someone to do it for you. Who knows why, but having someone rub, scrub, and paint up your feet is simply wonderful. This is sure to be a winning gift for any woman.

*A Gift Certificate for a Massage- see above details. If you're not going to do or not going to do it well, then pay someone to do it for you. We deserve it!