Katie Couric has had quite a career as co-host of the Today Show and anchor of the CBS Evening News. You would think that Katie would have an advantage over the other talk show hosts that will try to make it on the air this year, but the veteran TV personality is proceeding with caution.

It seems her run on the CBS Evening News didn't do as well as many hoped. Do you think Katie will be a hit when it debuts in the Fall?

Katie tells reporters;

I'm trying to have perspective and go into it with a very positive attitude I'm very excited about it, it's a great opportunity. But I've also learned in my life there's only so many things that you can control, and you can figure out your target demo, and what do people care about and I think at the end of the day you just have to do things you think are really interesting that you're curious about and try to present those topics in the most engaging way possible."

We'll be watching Katie.