In today’s world it is all about eating healthy, and exercise. If you're overweight, it seems you're public enemy number one. Now if you don’t like being picked on alone, you wont be much longer. People are now also calling out your fat pet.

Experts say about half of our pets weigh too much with one in five pets being obese and that this excess weight is going to lead to bigger and bigger bills at the vet.

One of the biggest problems our fat pets are looking at is a risk of developing arthritis and other joint problems, back problems, torn and ruptured ligaments, diabetes, high blood pressure, and kidney disease. The founders of the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention are warning owners that weight issues can shorten pets' lives and cost tens of millions of dollars in unnecessary pet bills every year.

I know I’m guilty of it, we constantly feed our dog food he doesn’t need. From bones and treats, to table scraps, we always feed him.

Are you guilty like us?