Adele is setting fire to the music charts.  'Rolling in the Deep’ is the biggest digital selling song by a woman — and the second biggest digital song ever.  Her album ’21′ beat Whitney Houston’s ‘The Bodyguard’ soundtrack for the most weeks at No. 1 ever by a woman. In addition, Adele is the first woman in the entire history of the Hot 100 chart to have three singles in the Top 10 at one time, with ‘Set Fire to the Rain,’ ‘Someone Like You’ and ‘Rolling in the Deep.’ 

It isn't just adults who have fallen in love with Adele.  She has a lot of young fans now too.  Some fans are so small they can barely talk.  But they can sing the words to Adele's songs.  Check out these kids singing along with their favorite Adele songs.

  • 2 year old Makena is so adorable singing 'Someone Like You'

  • 2 year old Eva not only sings Adele by herself, she strums the tune on her guitar too.

  • Kayla is only 3 and a half but she's already 'Rolling in the Deep.'

  • 3 year old Ella does her version of Adele's Rolling in the Deep

  • 8 year old Emma Hadzic sings 3 Adele songs and sounds pretty good. She may have a future in singing.

  • Connie Talbot sets fire to Adele's song.

  • Vazquez Sounds and her brother rocked out to Adele's Rolling in the Deep

  • Girls aren't the only ones who can sing Adele. This 2 year old boy sings along with 'Someone With You.'

  • Four year old girl not only sings Adele's Rolling In The Deep, she sings it with feeling. And she's got the moves. I'm guessing she's a little ham at home.

  • 9 year old blows the judges on America's Got Talent with Adele's Rolling in the Deep. I have no idea what country this is in but it's amazing to hear her speak in a different language but sing in perfect English.

  • Not only can this 2 year old sing Adele without any help, she plays the guitar along with it. And she only had the guitar for 45 minutes. Fast learner

  • Boys can sing Adele too.

  • Sophia Grace & Rosie are back on Ellen and this time taking on Adele

  • It's a family affair with all three kids rocking out to 'Rolling in the Deep' in the backseat.

  • Molly McKenna sings Adele during a talent show. I don't know if she won, but with that voice, she should have.