It seems like every other day there is a new study about kids and video games. This one doesn't suggest kids going out killing people, but it suggest that kids might be a little more rude to their parents.

The new study is from Michigan State University, and what it's saying is that kids who spend a lot of time video gaming tend to have lower opinions of their parents. In the study, “The hardcore Gamers” in the study said their parents were constantly nagging them or did not provide good supervision.

Researchers didn't go so far as to say the games caused the bad relations. Instead, they suggested it could go either way:

"Does a parent's negative interactions with their child drive the child into the world of video games, perhaps to escape the parent's negativity?" lead researcher Linda Jackson asked. "Or, does video-game playing cause the child to perceive his or her relationship with the parent as negative?"

Do you think this study has much truth to it?