Little monsters, we hope you are not tired of Lady Gaga getting naked. Ma Monster has posed somewhat naked on the cover of Candy magazine, showing off her pubic hair.

While Rihanna's nakedness seems to be in-the-moment and while she is partying with pals, Gaga's nudity is much more pointed and artistic, and done for photo shoots, as opposed to Instagram.

In the black and white image, Ma Monster is posed with a fake mustache, a scorpion covering the nipple of her bared breast and she is showing off her tattoos on the left side of her body.

She's got a half-on, half-off fur coat and one thick eyebrow and one not-so-thick framer. Her mouth is also shaped like a twist on the Chelsea Grin, which is the same mouth shape that The Joker in 'Batman' boasts.

Gaga does not cover her crotch, with a patch of pubes showing. She's done full-frontal before and on video, so we're not surprised. We did learn that she doesn't have a Brazilian wax.

Candy is a transversal style mag and this is its Winter 2013-2014 issue.

Additionally, Gaga has announced her upcoming world tour. It's called 'artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball.'

Only four dates have been revealed so far. More to come!

Lady Gaga artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball Tour Dates

May 6 – Atlanta, Ga.
May 12 – Philadelphia, Pa.
June 2 – San Diego, Calif.
July 14 – San Antonio, Texas