Finally an artist gets a grip on the reality that they won't be famous forever. Lady Gaga hosted SNL and spoofed her future self with no fame or applause to be excited about.

Lady Gaga - Monologue - SNL 11-16-13 by IdolxMuzic

That sure was an exciting monolog way back in 2013, but what will Lady Gaga's need for applause look like when she is a senior citizen?

The NY Daily Mail tells us that:

Gaga, 27, is often criticized for her undeniable thirst for superstardom and getting the attention of the public by any means necessary.

As a first-time host of the sketch comedy show, she opened by spoofing these criticisms by milking the audiences applause.

"Yay! Give it up for New York," she yelled to a round of cheers.

Also R Kelly joined her on stage.

Let's give 'today's' Lady Gaga a round of applause.