Counting calories not your thing?  Are you crazy about  big burgers?  Time to head to Las Vegas and the Heart Attack Grill for one of their gigantic and calorie laden burgers.

The Heart Attack Grill serves up a "Quadruple Bypass Burger"  meal that you eat while wearing a hospital gown.  According to MSNBC,  this 8000 calorie meal includes a bacon cheeseburger with two pounds of beef patties, "Flatliner fries," and a milkshake that the restaurant boasts has the "highest butterfat content."  In keeping with the hospital theme, the owner wears a doctor's uniform while the waitresses dress like nurses.  If that doesn't convince you how over-the-top The Heart Attack Grill is, maybe their slogan "A Taste Worth Dying For" will.   If a customer weighs over 350 pounds, they eat for free. By the way, how do they verify how much you weigh?  Do you have to step on a scale?  Just wondering.  They had two other restaurants in Phoenix and Dallas but both closed as the result of community protests.