Christmas is two days away and you're still not done with your shopping.  Don't panic.  I have a couple of last minute gift ideas for Utica area shoppers that will make your shopping a breeze.

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Winters in the Utica area can be nasty.  Snow, sleet, freezing rain, plus salt and slush can make any color car in the area a lovely shade of grey/brown during the winter.   So, how about car wash gift certificates?  They can use them when they want and their car will look shiny and clean until the next wintery day!


This would make a great gift for anybody who lives in the Utica area or even friends and family who grew up here but have moved away.  The book, written by local teacher/author James Davis is called "Legendary Locals of Greater Utica."  I bought seven copies to give as Christmas presents this year.  Davis writes about legendary Uticans, both past and presents, and it's fun book to flip through and see who you recognize.

Photo courtesy of James Davis

Now you just have to wrap them up!