Lets face it, we're all busy and don't have much time left in the day to make dinner. Sometimes it so much easier to stop on the way home to pick up fast food for dinner.  Or throw a frozen pizza into the over.  A pizza that contains 2000 calories.  2000!  Surely there is a healthier and less expensive option.

With my daughter at a basketball game and my husband getting home at 8 at night, dinners can be a challenge.  So last night was leftover night.  There was 1 piece of chicken cordon blue from Tuesday and a few slices of lasagna from Monday.  I also have chopped chicken in the fridge for an easy chicken salad any night that's hectic.  Just put the strips over a salad with grapes and nuts or strawberries and cherry tomatoes.  Much healthier options than that fast food burger or frozen pizza.  I top off every meal with a glass of wine.  It's been said a glass every night is good for you.  So I have the biggest glass there is and I make sure to fill it to the top.

Take out may seem easier, but a little planning ahead will save you hundreds of calories.  Plus you could save hundreds of dollars by planning ahead too.