Legendary folk singer and activist Pete Seeger died yesterday at age 94 at New York Presbyterian Hospital.

Seeger's career spanned 70 years.  He marched with Martin Luther King Jr., opposed the Vietnam War and once was a member of the Communist party.   Fellow folk singer Arlo Guthrie told the AP that Seeger's influence is widespread.

Every kid who sat around a campfire singing an old song is indebted in some way to Pete Seeger.

Seeger's songwriting credits include "Turn! Turn! Turn!," "Where have all the flowers gone," and "If I had a Hammer."  He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996.

He performed into his 90's and didn't like being called a folk singer but had a different title in mind.

How about river singer.  I sing up and down the Hudson River.

According to his grandson, Seeger died of natural causes.

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