Grilling on the back deck.  Hanging out with friends by the pool.  Taking a walk on the beach.  Reading a good book in a hammock.  Just a few of summer's simple pleasures.  It's only been here about a month and already I feel like it's rushing by. 


Why do I feel this way?  Because of the numerous catalogs and flyers I've been receiving in the mail since June.  Whether they say "End of summer sale,"  "Last days of summer savings,"  "Back to school shopping, " "First look at fall" or anything remotely close to that, they're all talking about summer like it's over.  But it's not over.  It's been here a month and fall won't arrive for another two.   We wait and wait and wait for summer here in Central New York and I don't know about you, but I want to enjoy every single minute of it.  Yes, even the hot and humid days. I've already seen Halloween and Thanksgiving stuff for sale in some stores.  Too early!   So I'm going to toss those catalogs until fall arrives and soak up summer.  How about you?