Lite 98.7 is saluting service men and women from around Central New York in honor of 9/11. Submit your soldier here and we'll feature them on this page.

  • PJ Starowicz

    Whitesboro, NY

    Serving in the Marines

    PJ has been the best friend of my son, Anthony since the third grade & like a son to me ever since. He is 23 years old and a graduate of Whitesboro High School in 2006. He is now stationed in San Diego, CA as a Corporal and getting ready for a third deployment to Afghanistan.

  • Joseph Roberts

    Decatur, NY

    Joseph is my nephew who is doing a great job to protect the country.

  • Christopher VanValkenburg

    Herkmier, NY

    My son is active duty has done a tour in Iraq and is currently stationed in Germany. I have not seen him in four years.

  • Daryl McNatt

    Staten Island, NY

    Well besides being my son and first of his siblings to go into the Military, he's always looking to help, during the hurricane (Irene) he went around the neighborhood making sure all the Senior Citizens had food and was safe on Staten Island before traveling to Brooklyn, TO ASSURE HIS FAMILY WAS SAFE.

  • Any Serviceman

    There is not one in particular, my brother served in the Navy, retired and recently passed away. He was proud to serve his country. I would like to take this opportunity to Salute ALL the service Men and Women around the globe. They all deserve a very heartfelt appreciation TO ALL THE SERVICE MEN AND WOMAN....WHEREEVER YOU ARE, WHATEVER YOU ARE PROTECTING AND WHEREVER YOU ARE ASSISTING IN NATURAL AND UNNATURAL DISASTERS.....WE SALUTE YOU NOW AND ALWAYS. THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH FOR YOUR DETERMINATION AND DEDICATION TO OUR COUNTRY. Lite 98.7 thank you for providing the opportunity to salute our soldiers.

  • Joseph Rositano

    Utica, NY

    My father-in-law. An Army Veteran of World War II. Also a former P.O.W... Thank You Dad for your help in keeping America Free.

  • Rocco T. Rositano

    Utica, NY

    My husband Rocky. A young man ( a child) 18 years old served his country in Viet Nam. The war that where most people did not even acknowledge our service men and women.Nor welcome them home. The brave men and women that have fought so hard to help us here in the U.S.A. enjoy our freedom as we know it today. THANK YOU ROCKY and everyone in our armed forces. As you all know , "Freedom is NOT Free"..

  • Daniel Barnes

    Little Falls, NY

    Daniel is my son and my hero, he served in Iraq 2 tours and on September 5,2006 he was critically injured when a IUD hit his truck he was riding in. As a result he lost both his legs, one above the knee & one near his groin.Since then he has excelled. Not once did he give up or feel sorry for himself. He is attending college to become a cabinet maker,had a set of twins and is very independent. He drives his truck, fishes and goes hunting on a 4 wheeler.He lives in MO with his wife and 4 sons. He is the strongest person I know and I thank god everyday that he is still here with us.So I salute you Daniel. Georgia Tucci, Little Falls

  • John H. Weiler

    Utica, NY

    To My Dad, THANK YOU DADDY... we are Free because of brave men and women like you. Love, Carol.

  • Stanley Goworek

    Marcy, NY

    My brother-in-law fought for us in the Korean War...Thank You for your efforts to keep America FREE !!! Your sister-in-law, Carol.

  • Sean Green

    Little Falls, NY

    Serving in the US Army

    Sean has been serving in the Army for 11 years now, and is currently deployed to Afghanistan. He is the love of my life, and I couldn't be more proud of him.

  • Torey M. Rutledge

    Lee Center, NY

    Serving in the Air National Guard

    My son - I am so proud of you for your dedication to serving our country!

  • Master Sgt Joseph DeSantis

    Utica, NY

    Due to his status I really can't say because I never know.

  • Major Mark L Hobin

    Barneveld, NY

    Mark has been in the Marines for 24 years. He did a tour in Irag for a year and is now in Afkanistan for a year. We send god's blessing for Mark and all the men and women who are serving to protect Americans.

  • Edgar Kelley

    Scottdale, PA

    Thank you Dad.

  • Edward Griffin

    Ilion, NY

    I want to acknowledge and thank my husband for his service in the US Army. You are my hero. Love, Sue

  • Robert J Virkler

    East Winfield, NY

    R.J. is my nephew and a excellent Marine. God Bless him for putting his country before himself. We are very proud of him.

  • Jordy Cudhea

    Ilion and Old Forge, NY

    Jordy is the father of 4 (Jordyn, Madison and Anthony in New York Mills) and Charlee in El Paso, TX. He is deploying to Afghanistan in late September.

  • Perry Parmly

    Rome, NY

    Perry served 22yrs in the Air force and is still involved with the military in his civilian career. I am so blessed to share my life with him. Thank you sweetheart for all you've done and still do to support your country and me.

  • Louie Cavallaro

    Poland, NY

    Serving in the US Air Force

    Louie entered the military back in 1997 right after he graduated from high school. He serves in the United States Air Force and is proud to servce his Country. He is currently stationed at Hickam Air Force Base. We are very proud of him and what he does for our Country. We would like to say thank you to all the men and women who serve our Country.

  • Cooper Zielinsky

    Whitesboro, NY

    Cooper has been a friend of my son since grade school. He is in his 3rd year at the Air Force Academy in Colorado. He is a wonderful young man and a asset to the Air Force. I couldn't ask for a better friend for my son or a better person to protect our country.

  • SSGT. Kenneth J. Ciszek

    New York Mills, NY

    My son, Ken, joined the Army right after 9-11. He has served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Presently stationed at Ft Bragg, NC, but transferring to Ft. Drum later this year. Just in time for the snow!!! I am very proud to be his Mom.

  • Dan Stevener

    Westmoreland, NY

    Serving in the Navy

    To one of my best friends, thanks for all your service. Without people like you, America wouldn't have half of what it does. Thanks a lot.

  • Sgt Robert S, Popejoy

    Utica, NY

    U.S. Army

    Robert is my son, and I am very proud of him.He started serving our county at a very early age. He was soldier in spirit before 9/11. He went to the reserve center daily to see what he could do. He was in boot camp at the end of his Jr. year of high school, went active upon graduation and served until the end of last month. He has seen more then many boys his age. Bases in this country as well as in Iraq. Thank you Robert for all you have done for us and our country.

  • Kevin March

    Ilion, NY

    My brother is a retired State Trooper now serving in the U.S. Army.

  • Ramon Zayas

    Utica, NY

    Ramon is our nephew and currently serving in the Marine Corp. He is a graduate of Proctor High school and enlisted last fall. we are very proud of him and all he is doing. Love you Uncle John & Aunt Linda Zayas

  • Capt John Van Laningham

    Syracuse, NY

    John is a Captain and currently serving in Iraq. He has served before in Bosnia,as well. He volunteered for this mission and we just want to tell him how proud we are of our nephew and how much we love him, Love you, Uncle John & Aunt Linda

  • SPC John Zayas Jr

    Utica, NY

    Serving in the National Guard

    My son, John served in Iraq and was in the service for 6 years, just honorably discharged Aug of this year. A graduate of Proctor High school he enlisted while a Sr. We want to thank him for his service and for sacrificing his time for our freedom. You are our hero and we love you very much Love John Zayas Sr & Linda

  • Sgt Daniel R Zayas

    Utica, NY

    Serving in the National Guard

    My son, Daniel is now serving in Iraq. He is a graduate of Proctor High School and been in the service for 5 years. He is our hero for volunteering to serve and protect our freedom. Thank you for all that you are doing for us here at home. We love you more than words can say! Love John Zayas Sr & Linda

  • Brianne Rahn

    New Hartford, NY

    We are very proud of our daughter, Brianne. She is a 2000 graduate of New Hartford High School. After law school she joined the United States Air Force. She is currently serving in Afhganistan. Thank you to all who have served in the past and present.

  • SFC David L. Fryman

    My fiancee' David is one of the bravest men I know. He is currently serving in Afghanistan and nearing the end of his deployment. I would like to thank him for all his daily sacrifices to protect not only our family, but every other American and our right to freedom. I love you!

  • SGT Brian Carney

    Vernon, NY

    Our son Brian is currently serving his first term in Afghanistan. We are so very proud of him and can't wait for him to come home!

  • Justin Luther, Mickey Oeser, Zachary Beckingham

    Serving in the Army, Marines and Navy respectively.

    I'm saluting 3 soliders who are cousins. They have chosen to serve our country in good times and bad. I couldn't be more proud of these men. I have known their family for all my life and they are like family to me. I didn't put the town they were all from but their grandparents (Ruth and Emory Oeser are from Cherry Valley). I would like to also take this time to thank and salute all the other men and women for giving of themselves and their families. God Bless each and everyone of you and God Bless America.