Oh look, there's Santa at the mall.  Parent's before you go running over with your kids to see Santa, there are a few things Santa would like you to know.  Mall Santas share their secrets and offer some tips for parents.

Time to take a picture with Santa and have your kids tell him their Christmas wishes?  A few things to keep in mind, thanks to readersdigest.com, which shares these secrets and tips from mall Santas.

1.  Some Santas get a bonus if they make their daily photo quota, so please don't take tons of extra time with Santa if he has a big line.

2.  There are some kids who don't want to see Santa.  They may be scared of him.  Don't force your child onto Santa's lap.  Let them spend a minute or two with him before trying to get him to sit for a photo.  When my nephew saw Santa at the mall this Christmas, he ran away screaming "Don't like Santa!"  In that case, we decided it would be better for him to try a photo another time.

3.  If you want your kids to have extra time with Santa, it's probably best to look for Santa at school functions or smaller venues than the malls.

4.  Cut Santa some slack.  He really is a busy guy.  Most Santas will hear the wishes of 30,000 kids and work ten hour days between October and December.  If you want to know what your child is telling Santa what they want for Christmas, stand close enough to listen.  Don't come back 15 minutes later and expect me to remember.

5.  Boys cut right to the chase and tell you what they want.  Girls are more likely to explain what they want.

6.  Santas get peed on, kicked, hit and have their beards tugged.  Despite all that, they really believe they have the best job in the world.

What's your best or worst Santa story?