I'm sure you've heard of winning a $100,000 miracle home make-over with a $100 CMN raffle ticket. How about taking home a $1 million masterpiece by Pablo Picasso for just 100 Euros or about $138! It happened from a charity raffle giving away Picasso's 1914 work "Man in the Opera Hat". A BIG congratulations to 25 year old Jeffrey Gonano of Wexford, Pennsylvania. He says he's not sure he'll ever hang the masterpiece in his home or, given its value, sell it.

TheSpec.com tell us that the very valuable painting:

"Features vivid shapes in opaque gouache paint and dates from the Spanish master's cubist period. The painter's grandson, Olivier Picasso, said in a statement that his grandfather, who died in 1973, would have been "amused to participate in an event like this."

So what would you do with such a valuable work of art...hang on to it while it increases in value; sell it right away and enjoy the money, or just keep it forever?