It was very early in the morning in Saginaw Michigan around 1am April 29th 1994, when my fiancee went into labor and our son was about to be born. Perfect timing since I had an April 30th job interview scheduled in Erie PA, to go back on the air full time, the radio position I love most. Well, I almost missed the birth of Mark!

Michelle was in labor for 23 and a half hours! As you could imagine it was very stressful because the job interview was over 7 hours away and I wanted the job. Around 7pm I called my mother in Buffalo and said I should head out in order to get some sleep for the drive down to Erie the next morning and she said, no, you stay there and wait for the birth. It's a once in a lifetime experience you don't want to miss. There will be other radio jobs. My father then gets on the line and says, no, you should head to Buffalo now and be refreshed for the interview tomorrow because the job pays more, you'll be closer to home and it's the best move when you look at the big picture for your family. What do I do? I pondered the dilemma for a few hours and finally at midnight the doctor said that the baby has been in the canal too long and a c-section was Mark was born around 12:30am, April 30th...I hit the road at 1am, got to Buffalo around 6am...slept for a few hours, got to Erie around noon and got the job! And much thanks to Aunt Jackie, Mark's godmother, for staying with Michelle in the hospital. It all worked out and now he's 18! Happy Birthday to my son Mark.