I don't know who came up with the tradition of 'Brothers Day' but since it's today, May 24th, I figured I'd take a minute to give tribute to my brothers. I don't know how my father raised three boys without putting at least one of us through a wall, but he did.

My older brother Phil is celebrating his 50th birthday Saturday so I'll head to Buffalo and spend some time with him. He currently does some part time work and volunteers his time with a Buffalo church. His girlfriend Dee just gave birth to the newest member of our family, Trevor, in late 2011.

I'm the middle child. Enjoy some of our family photos while you read on.

My younger brother Scott is a PhD currently working with rehabilitating troubled people. He has just accepted a university position in Virgina. His wife is a Dermatologist who has also just accepted a position in Virgina so it will be a sad day when they move in July from nearby New Jersey. We'll visit them in mid June and won't see them for a couple of years until we can plan a trip.

I love my brothers and get along with them very well. How about you?