Graduation Day is Friday June 22nd. The ceremony will be held at 4pm in Utica's Memorial Auditorium. His family is thrilled and so proud of him as he heads to MVCC next year to discover his future. It seems like it was just yesterday I graduated from West Seneca East Senior High in Western NY. In fact it was many years ago. Would you like to see my high school picture? Would you like to know why I was once suspended?

Like my 17 year old son, I worked hard and actually had a car when I was a senior. We also had a high school radio station that I was in charge of. During lunch I would go to the station and play music for the students in the cafeteria. One day I decided to head out to McDonald's and enjoy that while in the radio station. When re-entering the building the assistant principal caught me and suspended me saying, "If anything was to happen to me out there the school could be in big trouble" I don't know what's changed over the years because the kids of Proctor are out enjoying lunch all over East Utica without a worry at all.

I'd have to say at the time it was a good punishment but today it seems kids view a suspension as a vacation day. Time off for bad behavior. Mark was suspended once and he had some extra chores to do.

Do you think kids should be allowed to leave school grounds for lunch? I don't. Feel free to leave a comment or share with me why you were suspended from high school.