Utica, like most cities, has too many feral cats. They live in colonies and breed which exacerbates the problem. We've been caring for a group of ferals near downtown Utica.

We contacted Spring Farm Cares to inquire about help with trapping and spaying the cats. They do have a program and we were able to borrow some of their traps and they set us up with a low-cost spaying.

The cat you see in the photo is Cali. She was the most tame and handleable of all the cats in the colony. She is the one who would approach people and accept being pet. After her spaying, we decided to take a chance on her and see if we could socialize her.

We confined her to the basement and she took up residence behind the Tupperware container seen in the photo. We spend time with her each night reaching behind the Tupperware to give her petting.

In the short span of two weeks, she's been venturing out to accept attention and cuddling. We're very hopeful that she'll be fully socialized and make a great pet.

UPDATE: We decided that Cali had a permanent home with us. It was a pretty easy decision.