When you think of Memorial Day, what comes to mind? A day off? Grilling with family and friends? The unofficial start of summer? Hopefully what also comes to mind is the reason for the day. Honoring and remembering those who died in service to our country. There are some simple ways you can honor them on this Memorial Day 2014.

1. Fly your flag at half staff until noon and then fly it full staff. Think you can't afford a flag? They've got them at the Dollar Store.

2. Visit a cemetery. Place some little flags at the gravesites of those who died in sacrifice to our country.

3. Go to a Memorial Day Ceremony. Check with local VFW's to see what events that have to observe Memorial Day.

4. Observe The National Moment of Remembrance at 3pm. Established by Congress in 2000, Americans are asked to pause for a minute at 3pm to remember those who died in sacrifice to our country.

6. Put flowers on a war monument. There are several monuments around Central New York. Pick one and place a wreath of flowers on it for Memorial Day.

None of these are hard to do and when you think about why we have Memorial Day, it's really not asking too much to do one or more of these.

Thank you to those who served our country. Thank you to those currently serving. We continue to be free because of you.  For those who died protecting our freedom, our debt to you is boundless.