Despite taking a break from social media and an even more talked-about alleged break from her fiance, Liam Hemsworth, seems Miley Cyrus is back -- and so is her engagement ring. Blatantly so.

Previously, Miley (somewhat lamely) claimed the ring was out getting fixed and then freaked out when the media started yelling about how their wedding was off. In the meantime, her beau jetted off to Australia, something that only fueled the breakup talk.

new photo

The interesting outfit, which also hints that she was partying solo (even though someone had to take the photos) may have also been a ploy to help her mom Trish provide awareness for the StopHorseAbuse group.

Just an hour later, Miley was asking her followers to sign a petition stopping horse-drawn carriage rides in New York City -- so either she really loves horses or she doesn't want to be forced to haul tourists around when she wears onesies in public.