Cold temps and snow don't stop those in Minneapolis, St. Paul Minnesota from staying in shape.  In fact, they've been named America's fittest city by the American College of Sport's Medicine's recent American Fitness Index.NBC's Today Show reports the Twin Cities have more parks per square mile than other other major city in America.  Cycling is big in the Twin Cities too.  Only Portland, Oregon beats them for the most cyclists per-capita.  Farm markets are also popular in Minneapolis and St. Paul, so fresh food is more accessible.

Looks like the Empire State needs to start working out a bit more.  Not a single city from New York state made the top twenty fittest cities.  I love walking outside for both fun and exercise, but admit it's tougher to get motivated to do it when it's cold, snowy or both.

Curious about the rest of the cities that are on the list?

2.  The Washington, D.C. area

3.  Portland, Oregon

4.  San Fransisco

5.  Denver

6.  Boston

7.  Sacramento, California

8.  Seattle

9.  Hartford, Connecticut

10.  San Jose, California area

Are you not as good about exercising during the winter?