I came across a sweet lip dub to No Doubt's 'Just a Girl' that features a mom and her elementary school aged daughter doing the most adorable video fun you could imagine.  Check out the video and my exclusive interview with the mom who made it.

Stephanie, the awesome mom who made the lip dub with her daughter, shared with me some of what went into making the video.


What was the inspiration for creating this video?

Umm, so I asked Alexandra (she's eight) the other day what she wanted to do, expecting her to say go to the beach or zoo or something and she came back with "Make a lip synching video!" She'd seen a few that people had done to Justin Bieber songs (she's a HUGE fan) and thought it would be fun. We spent the next hour or so debating songs, and luckily she went with No Doubt over Bieber or Miley.


The locations look like fun, a favorite diner maybe and a fun looking playroom, how did you decide where to film this?

As for locations, those were more my doing than hers. I tried to think of a good mix of girly girl spots and typical boy spots – so all vintage girly in the diner to silly in Home Depot and rocking out playing video games.

This looks like such a great mother-daughter bonding experience.  What was that like?

The best part of all of it was how much fun we had – from dancing around in a busy diner and ignoring the weird looks to strutting around the hardware store in matching tutus or dancing at the gas pump, only to realize after we got home that I forgot to hit record. Duh. If anything, I hope she learned to be comfortable in her own skin and that blending in is overrated.