A big round of applause for the nursing students at MVCC. Their 'Joy of Nursing' video we posted three weeks ago, beat out 4 other big state schools for the National Student Nurses Association award. Way to go!  It's nice to see the little guys win for a change.

The students created ‘The Good,’ an original song set to a touching video, showing a day in the life of a nurse.  Nursing student Lynzie Quinn says ‘This year we decided to enter the contest just three weeks before the deadline. Without any money spent, we were able to produce “The Good.” Everyone you see in the video are nursing students, except for one faculty member. We poured our hearts and souls into making this video, and we hope our message of joy, and appreciation can inspire it’s way across America.’

Their winning music video was  shown at a ceremony  in Pittsburgh, PA.  Check it out.