I'm really not that old of a guy, but I do recall broadcasting the first Boilermaker Road Race back in 1978. Things were quite humble then, with a little over 800 runners entered, and a few of us media people covering it live.

Courtesy of Boilermaker/facebook page

I still remember getting up early that Sunday morning and heading down to the parking lot at the F.X. Matt Brewery (where they now hold Saranac Thursdays). That's where we broadcasted the race. Having been a former brewery employee, I knew just about everybody there.

We had 1978 state-of-the-art radio broadcasting equipment, which consisted of a console board, a couple of microphones and headphones all hooked up to a telephone line back to the radio station (high tech, huh?).

We didn't have cell phones in 1978, so we had people stationed on the race route with CBs and two-way radios giving us the latest leader information. How things have changed.

This weekend marks the 36th Boilermaker, with 18,000 total runners (14,000 for the 15K, 4,000 for the 5K), state-of-the-art technology and that huge post party with thousands of guests.

But one thing hasn't changed since 1978, and that's the enthusiasm of the runners, race planners, volunteers, sponsors and spectators. It's had a great run, and still is one!

Good luck runners, stay safe and healthy through it all!