Wonder what the residents of Newark, New Jersey think about the results of a new survey. According to a report on CNN, Newark is the unfriendliest city in America. Then again, they might be used to it. Last year, they were named the unfriendliest city in the entire world. Ouch.

The Conde Nast Traveler survey chose Oakland, California as the second unfriendliest city in America and Hartford, Connecticut rounded out the top three.

Southern cities take the cake when it comes to being friendly. Charleston, South Carolina ranked tops for friendliest, followed by Savannah, Georgia and San Antonio, Texas.

I've never spent much time in Newark, New Jersey other than at the airport and while nobody was especially rude to me, it lacked the friendliness of airports in the South.

Would you rank Newark as the rudest city in the US? If not, which one?