When many hear the words 'ghost' and 'haunting', they think of mist figures of women in white or a shadow figure that darts out of the corner of your vision. While hauntings by former humans are widely reported, and what we are most commonly called in to investigate, they are not the only things that can leave behind an impression. There are numerous cases across the globe of spirit animals; proving that the realm of paranormal research is a formula for surprise.

There are countless reports of owners feeling the presence of their beloved pets after they have passed on. This is most common with, but not exclusive to, companion animals that shared a routine with their owners. Dogs, cats, and horses, in that order, are the most reported animal hauntings. This may simply be because they are the animals people have the most contact with. Many within the public are surprised to learn that animals can even leave a ghost. In the Capitol Theater in Rome, NY a number of people have reported a phantom cat that prowls the premises.

Hauntings can literally come in all shapes and sizes, reminding investigators that the field of paranormal research is an ever changing mystery. But that, Central New York, is why we love it. Do you have any stories or evidence? Feel free to share it with us...

Contributed by NY Shadow Chasers